Ottawa Clutch

We specialize in new Industrial and Automotive clutches, custom applications, and re-manufacturing.
We also specialize in the following fields:

+ Racing Clutches
+ We carry the following brands: EXEDY, SASCH, VALEO, LUK, AASCO
+ New and Rebuilt Power Take-Off Units, Twin Disc-Rockford
+ Cranes and Overhead Cranes
+ Forklifts and Tow Motors
+ Mines, Mills and Quarries
+ Buses, Transit, Passengers Coach and School Buses
+ On and Off Road Heavy Equipment
+ Winches, Draglines and Logging applications
+ Farm Equipment and Agriculture application
+ Truck and Trailer shoes and brake block sets
+ Commercial laundry applications, shoes, bands and pads
+ Automotive and Light truck shoes and pads
+ Punch Press and Brake Press bands, shoes and clutches
+ Construction Equipment applications
+ Gear tooth facings and segments for the rebuilders
+ Heavy duty woven lining for Marine applications
+ Motorcycle shoes and pads
+ Friction Rings and Specialty Brake Pads
+ Landscape applications
+ Golf Course applications and golf cart shoes/pads
+ Antique and Classic Automobile shoes and pads
+ Printing Industries applications