Plastiglas FRP products have succesfully met the needs of designers, architects, landscapers and builders for more than thirty years.  Our skilled work force takes pride in handcrafting award winnin architectural accessories and products.  

From recycling industrial bi-products, to understanding individual client needs, Plastiglas strives to establish long term, satisfied customers.
At Plastiglas, our production department represents a harmonious balance between manufacturing well designed standard products and the fabrication of specialized custom products.
Whether you have a concept, drawing, or finished mold, Plastiglas will manufacture to your specifications.
Our innovative production processes, techniques, materials and finishes allow for unlimited custom applications. Our standard product portfolio includes planters, waste containers, tables, recyclers for glass, plastic and paper, seating, children’s furniture and supermarket fixtures. Our wide range of contemporary standard colours, aggregate stone finishes, and award-winning designs ensure you get the right product for every furnishing requirement.